At Phoenix Health and Wellbeing we do things a little differently.

Set up in 2013 by Gill Trevor and a Board of Trustees our social enterprise sells high quality massage therapies, counselling and employee assistance packages to private clients in order to provide support for people who have chronic health issues and low incomes.

Every year we support about 350 individuals who are referred to us by medical and healthcare professionals. All of these people have chronic health issues. They come along with conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to more physical conditions such as chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease or forms of cancer. They can have a range of complex needs and many experience low self-esteem, anxiety and social isolation.

We need you

We are a genuine social enterprise. We sell high quality therapy treatments to private individuals who pay the market rate. The proceeds of these treatments are then directed towards our charitable fund and support our referred clients.

For roughly every £10 that you spend or donate £4 goes towards our charitable work.

How you can get involved

We are always grateful for any help – here are a few examples of how you can get involved:

  • Come along and have a therapy treatment with us – you can find details of the range of treatments at the bottom of this page
  • Give a Phoenix Health and Wellbeing gift voucher to friends or family members
  • Make a donation online or over the phone
  • Get involved with our fund-raising activities ranging from the dare devil skydives to our annual charity Ball
  • Hold your business meeting in our meeting room
  • Spread the word about us by sharing our posts on social media


Here’s what some some of our client’s have said…

Sore or stiff from long days at work? Have chronic pain? Recovering from or trying to avoid injury? Then try Soft Tissue Therapy (also known as Sports Massage)

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The therapy uses gentle sustained pressure to encourage the fascia to reorganise, lengthen and release. Try before 28/02/20 & get £10 off your treatment.

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Reception was welcoming and friendly, I knew straight away that it would be a positive place. My counsellor was very compassionate and approachable, and the rest of the staff I met were lovely. Phoenix was an all round positive and relaxing place to be.


Since coming to Phoenix I have had one minor breakdown and no suicidal thoughts. For me to go 5 months without any suicidal thoughts is amazing. The staff are really good. I’ve been to other places and it’s not the same. At Phoenix the staff understand what you are going through. They listen to me.


I was really down and lonely when I first came to Phoenix. Counselling has helped me look forward in a positive way. My counsellor listens and remebers what I’ve said – I can be myself in the sessions. I always feel better when I leave.