We offer a wide variety of massage therapies because we understand that no two people are the same.

From injury management to relaxation, our treatments are proven to help relieve stress and reduce aches and pains caused by everyday living. Our therapists are highly skilled and experienced, each specialising in a select range of therapies . They will listen to you and provide a massage specially suited to your needs.

feel good : do good

For every £10 you spend with us, £4 goes towards funding treatments for local people with chronic mental & physical health issues who couldn’t normally afford this support.

Explore the treatments below and find the perfect one for you:

Deep Tissue Massage | Phoenix Health And Wellbeing
Hot Stones Massage | Phoenix Health And Wellbeing
Indian Head Massage | Phoenix Health And Wellbeing
Lymphatic Drainage Massage | Phoenix Health And Wellbeing
Myofascial Release Therapy | Phoenix Health And Wellbeing

Reflexology | Phoenix Health and Wellbeing

Energy | Restorative | Boosting…

Reiki | Phoenix Health And Wellbeing

Reiki | Phoenix Health and Wellbeing

Balancing | Magical | Gentle…

Relaxation Massage | Phoenix Health And Wellbeing

Relaxation Massage | Phoenix Health and Wellbeing

Tranquil | Caring | Stress-relief…

Soft Tissue Therapy | Phoenix Health and Wellbeing

Targeted | Injuries | Pain-relief…