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Myofascial Release And Pain Relief

Myofascial release and pain relief

Myofascial release is now available at Phoenix Chronic pain and injury has to be one…

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Acupuncture As A Treatment For Migraine

Acupuncture as a treatment for migraine

Anyone who suffers from migraine will tell you how painful and debilitating this condition can…

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Why We Aren’t Relaxing Our COVID 19 Safety Plan

Why we aren’t relaxing our COVID 19 Safety Plan

There is a lot of talk at the moment about the Government’s planned announcement on…

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Lymphatic Drainage And Stress Management

Lymphatic Drainage and Stress Management

If you’re familiar with the list of treatments that we offer here at Phoenix Health…

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Pregnancy Massage Can Help In So Many Ways

Pregnancy Massage can help in so many ways

Pregnancy massage can help with the mid and latter stages of pregnancy in a number…

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Counselling Can Help – Here’s How!

Counselling can help – here’s how!

Counselling can help – Here at Phoenix Health and Wellbeing we know that counselling can…

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Wellbeing At Work

Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing is a word that we hear being thrown around a lot these days, but…

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Shinrin-Yoku Explained: What Forest Bathing Can Do For You

Shinrin-Yoku explained: what Forest Bathing can do for you

Have you heard of ‘forest bathing’. It's got quite fashionable over the last year! Translated…

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Queen’s Award For Enterprise: Winner 2021

Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Winner 2021

You may have noticed that we’ve been keeping hush about something for a little while…

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It’s The Little Things: Small Changes We Can Make To Improve Our Health!

It’s the little things: Small changes we can make to improve our health!

Your health - it’s never too late to start thinking about making improvements to your…

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