Workplace Massage

Show your staff some appreciation with our Workplace Massage Service

Whether you are wanting to boost morale, host a wellbeing day or reward your staff for their hard work – we can help you. Our highly experienced therapists will visit your workplace and deliver back, neck and shoulder massages to relax and invigorate tired, weary or stressed employees. Treatments can be performed through clothes and can help to reduce shoulder tension or back pain.

Our workplace massage service offers your staff the chance to relax, rest and recuperate their energy for the working day ahead.

Our Therapists:

Qualified & experienced – click on the icon above to read their bios


Our therapists come to your workplace in the Leeds area. They bring massage chairs & towels


15min / 30min per employee – you decide. Our therapists normally come to your workplace for half/full days


£50 per hour per therapist

(please let us know if you are a charity)

It’s simple to book Workplace Massage:

  • Email or call us
  • Tell us how many employees will be wanting treatments and for how long each (15min/30min) – we’ll agree how many therapists you’ll need & how long they’ll be with you
  • We’ll agree date & time
  • Provide your address & invoice details – we’ll pop you an invoice for the agreed amount
  • That’s it! Our therapists will come to your workplace with their own massage chairs and towels
  • *A little note: Usually our therapists set up in an empty meeting room/staff room so it is calm & quiet for the employees during their treatment – they can be flexible & will work with your set-up

Benefits of Workplace Massage:

  • Reduces stress levels and gives employees a chance to relax
  • Relieves pain and muscle tension from back, neck, head and shoulders
  • Encourages a healthy and happy work environment by decreasing mental/physical stress
  • Improves staff morale by demonstrating to employees that they are valued and that their wellbeing is important

Our Therapists:

  • Highly skilled in their specialist therapies
  • Motivated by helping others feel good
  • Will openly explain if they think that you would benefit from a different treatment type (even if that means with one of our other therapists)
  • Give easy-to-do aftercare to maximise the benefits of your treatment (sometimes this is: “have a long, lovely bath…”)
  • Fully qualified
  • Have professional indemnity insurance and police checked
  • Members of a relevant professional body that requires them to undertake continuing professional development

feel good : do good

For every £10 you spend with us, £4 goes towards funding treatments for local people with chronic mental & physical health issues who couldn’t normally afford this support.

Tried it, loved it:

Here’s what some of our clients have said…

“Had my massage and I am in a world of my own! As ever, Ali was brilliant. I really hope she comes back to us as it’s a fantastic bonus to work!”