Referred Services

Our referred services include massage, counselling & acupuncture – they are low cost for people with chronic mental, physical & emotional health issues on low incomes

We understand that no two people are the same. Even if we experience a similar situation to someone else, how we respond to it is different and how it affects us is different.

We believe that the best support recognises this, and that is why we offer a range of referred services. Perhaps you have been through a difficult time and aren’t ready to talk about it? Massage and acupuncture can help relieve some of the physical tension built up by stress or trauma. Or maybe you live with chronic pain and feel as though no-one understands? Counselling can give you a calm, safe, confidential space to explore what you are feeling.

Have a look at the referred services we offer below. If you would like to give any a try but couldn’t normally afford to, then speak to your healthcare professional and they can refer you to us.

Acupuncture For Prostate Cancer | Phoenix Health And Wellbeing

Acupuncture for Prostate Cancer | Phoenix Health and Wellbeing

We run weekly ear acupuncture clinics for men with prostate cancer who are receiving hormone therapy (ADT). Ear acupuncture has…

Referred Acupuncture | Phoenix Health And Wellbeing

Referred Acupuncture | Phoenix Health and Wellbeing

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Acupuncture (TCM) has been found to be beneficial for many health conditions and can also promote deep…

Referred Counselling | Phoenix Health And Wellbeing

Referred Counselling | Phoenix Health and Wellbeing

Our counselling service offers the opportunity for you to talk to someone in a warm, confidential, judgement-free space about issues…

Referred Massage | Phoenix Health and Wellbeing

The massage therapies we offer can improve your mental, physical and emotional health We offer a subsidised service for people…