Massage Can Help With Depression

How massage can help with depression

Massage can help with depression

When most people think of a massage, they think of it as a treat every once in a while. Maybe to get the knots out of your back, maybe for some pain relief, or maybe you just deserve an hour of complete relaxation. But have you ever thought about what is happening to your brain when you get a massage?

When you get that feeling of relaxation during a massage, your brain is releasing chemicals that cause you to feel happy, relaxed, and less stressed.  That is probably what you are having a massage for in the first place. But did you also know that the massage causes your brain to release serotonin, the “love hormone”, making you feel safe and loved? Serotonin is a hormone that can be depleted in people with depression – and maybe even the majority of us.  Massage increases the production of this hormone –  showing the true power of touch.

The power of touch

Massage has been proven to combat depression, not only by reducing physical feelings of pain and tightness, which may be causing distress, but emotionally as well. It seems to have this effect on a range of mental illnesses, showing incredible results in people with dementia. In a trial at The Mount Hospital in Leeds, dementia patients saw a 70% increase in wellbeing, reduced anxiety and increased communication, showing the amazing cognitive effects massage can have on even those who are severely impaired.

But of course, massage isn’t the only way to release these feel-good, mood boosting hormones. Have you noticed how just a hug from someone you love can improve your mood for the entire day? Nurturing touch, such as a simple hand placed on the arm or a good old cuddle can have a positive impact on not just the mood, but on mental wellbeing also.

Maybe someone you know has been feeling a bit blue lately? Or even yourself? Book them or yourself in for a massage, or give them a hug, to experience the healing power of touch.

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