It’s MS Awareness Week!

What is MS?

MS Awareness

MS or Multiple Sclerosis to give it its full name, is a disease that effects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord.  100,000 people in the UK are effected and more women than men are diagnosed, although no one really knows why. The MS  Trust website explains the illness in more detail.  For a brief understanding the disease causes a scarring or hardening of tissue in the nerves of the brain or spinal cord. While it isn’t a terminal condition it is not curable so once diagnosed people have to live with it all of their lives. It can be very debilitating, painful and isolating.


Be Bold In Blue

For MS Awareness week the MS Trust is asking people to raise awareness of the condition by wearing blue and being Bold in Blue.  You can download information sheets and activities from their website.  www.mstrust.org.uk  Take a look and get involved.

What its like to live with MS?

Here is a case study from a client who visits us for massage and has multiple health issues including MS. She was kind enough to share her experience with us and here in her own words, is what it is like to have this condition.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 27, which means I get neuropathic pain, muscle pain, spasm, tingling, feet pain, memory loss and other issues.  I am limited to how far I can walk.  I also have Schurmanns Kyphosis which is where in my upper spine some of the disks are wedge shaped rather than rectangular, this causes neck problems, headaches and tiredness link to this.

I also have two other conditions that are autoimmune in nature, causing pain, inflammation, fatigue and it goes without saying, low mood at times.

I saw Phoenix Health and Wellbeing whilst I was visiting Oxford Chambers.  I asked the receptionist how I could be referred after seeing on the website that subsided treatments were available.  I asked my GP to refer me and soon after that, I made an appointment. I found this process quite straight forward.

Initially I came for reflexology and then for body massage and acupuncture. I have been coming for about 3 years or so.  Phoenix is such a bright friendly place, I can’t help feel better just for being there.  I always feel relaxed and welcomed when coming in.

Coming to Phoenix has changed the way I feel about my pain.  Viv has been outstanding with her massage, showing sensitivity, compassion and care.  It has helped me manage pain in a much more positive way.

If I hadn’t known about Phoenix, I wouldn’t be able to access a therapy that is one of the few things helping with ongoing spasticity and pain linked to the MS.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford massage if I was unable to access Phoenix.   I do feel very grateful for this service and hope I am able to continue massage therapy for as long as it is available.”

Why does massage help?

  • The muscle pain that occurs as part of MS can be a result of tension in the body. Massage can help to relax the effected muscles and ease the pain.
  • Massage generally helps to relax the mind and this can be beneficial for anyone with a long term health condition
  • Massage is proven to release positive endorphins in the brain which will increase positivity.
  • Many people with long term health conditions do not experience positive touch. A skilled massage therapist can deliver a relaxing, nurturing treatment which can really help to boost self-esteem.

If you would like more information about the therapies that are offered at Phoenix Health and Wellbeing you can click here. Or if you want to know more about our charitable work then please email us at info@phoneixhealthandwellbeing.org.uk or call us on 0113 234 0181

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Phoenix Health & Wellbeing is a Charity.  By coming to us for a treatment you can relax in the knowledge that you are helping others less fortunate than yourself. We use the proceeds of your treatment to subsidise those who would not otherwise be able to access our therapies. Roughly £3 to every £10 spent with us will go to help others.