The herbal answer to seasonal colds

Our Reception Manager Rachel has been struck down with a nasty cold.  So many people have been suffering from colds recently that we thought it might be worth repeating some advice given to us by our friend and colleague Sue Salmon.  Sue is a Medical Herbalist and a font of all knowledge when it comes […]

January Blues – Real or Not? A supporter gives her views!

There’s much talk about Post-Christmas depression and the January Blues this month but is January really so bad?   Our regular supporter and Reiki recipient Ruth Prendergast has shared her thoughts on January and why it is anything but Blue Here’s what Ruth has to say:- What I like about January: An opportunity to start afresh, take […]

Sports massage – what is it and will it improve performance?

Sports massage – what exactly is it? Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be Mo Farah to need a sports massage! A massage can benefit anyone who regularly exercises. If you want to look after your body and improve your performance then sports massage is the one for you! How Sports Massage Works To get technical when you exercise […]

Will a Massage help with back pain?

Massage in Leeds can help with back pain? You know the feeling. You get to Friday and you have spent most of the week sitting at your desk in Leeds or in the car driving between appointments. The back pain starts as a nagging ache in your shoulder but before long you have a stiff […]