Will a Massage help with back pain?

Massage in Leeds can help with back pain? You know the feeling. You get to Friday and you have spent most of the week sitting at your desk in Leeds or in the car driving between appointments. The back pain starts as a nagging ache in your shoulder but before long you have a stiff […]

The Benefits of Foot Massage in Leeds

A relaxing foot massage in Leeds City centre – what could be better? Your feet are complex structures made up of 26 bones (a quarter of all the bones in your body!) and over 100 muscles and ligaments. They are designed to be able to grip, allow you to balance and absorb the shock of walking […]

Networking with a hint of disco!

After the amazing success of our last Fundraising Ball we are going for it again with Saturday Night Fever on 10th March 2018. The plan is simple: you buy a ticket for £50 and come along to Leeds Marriott on Boar Lane for 19:30 that Saturday Once in the hotel, you will be mingling with […]

Come and join our team

We are looking for an energetic and enthusiastic person to join our team as Admin and Reception Manager.  As we grow from a small charity to a larger organisation that offers over 3000 supported appointments a year we need someone to come and join us to run our busy reception function. Here are some more […]

De-stress without spending a Fortune

Stay Calm, you don’t need to spend a fortune! Life is stressful. Whether it’s your job, school, living situation or something else, there are an endless amount of things that can trigger stress. Here is a list of ways to try and de-stress whilst sticking to a budget. Plan ahead! One of the major reasons […]

Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnotist…

Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnotist… What images or thoughts do these conjure up in your mind? I can think of a few, look into my eyes, stage show, clucking like a chicken!!   Hypnotherapy is much easier likened to deep relaxation therapy, a trance like state, that really you enter yourself on a daily basis. Think about when you […]

What is the right massage for you?

Most massage treatments offer similar benefits, however, each massage does specialise at solving different problems in different areas. Therefore we have put together a massage guide to help know which massage is the best to meet your own needs. Differences of 5 main massages types across the UK Deep Tissue Massage This massage is typically best […]