We Need Your Support

We need your support

We need your help to keep going at the moment.

As a social enterprise, we rely on income from our full-fee paying clients who come to us for counselling, massage and acupuncture. Because we have had to shut down our premises, we can no longer offer massage and acupuncture. Our usual face-to-face counselling service has also stopped, but we are kick-starting a new service – remote counselling. For us, COVID-19 means that our income has drastically reduced and we cannot cover the costs of running Phoenix.

The impact?

To ensure that we can continue our charitable work, we need to find other ways to generate income.

What charitable work our we doing right now?

We are offering our existing referred clients a remote counselling service that is completely free of charge. These are local people who are being heavily affected by the current situation.

If you can, please support us by making a donation or buying a gift voucher for massage or acupuncture

Any amount you can spare allows us to continue supporting local people with chronic mental & physical health issues.

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Thank you!

Gill, Lizzie, Olivia & the rest of our wonderful team xxx