Sports Massage To Help And Heal

Sports Massage – Why, When and Where?

Sports Massage – Why?

Sports massage to help and heal

Sports massage to help and heal

Why sports massage?  Well perhaps you have been ramping up your exercise to try to burn off the kilos gained over the festive break or maybe you are training for the London Marathon, Leeds Half Marathon or some other sporting challenge.

It really doesn’t matter why you are exercising or whether it is a run or a brisk walk for the bus.  The fact of the matter is that exercise can result in a build-up of lactic acid in your muscles.  This in turn can lead to muscle stiffness, aches, pains and lethargy.

Sports Massage is a full proof way of dispersing this lactic acid.  It pushes the acid out of your muscles and gets fresh blood into the tissue creating healthy, lithe and flexible muscles.

Sports Massage – When?

The answers to the question of when you should have a sports massage is really – any time before or after you are involved in physical exercise.

Sports massage before exercise can enhance performance as it warms and cleans the muscles.  After exercise a massage can speed recovery and prevent injury while injuries such as muscles pulls may also heal more quickly and benefit from a sports massage.

Sports Massage – Where?

Sports massage is a specific therapy. The therapists who perform sports massage have to have completed a Diploma course in how to administer this type of massage.  They will be more knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology and will learned additional techniques and skills in order to make sure that they can treat sports injuries and perform pre and post event treatments.

All Sports Massage therapists should be members of relevant professional bodies such as FHT, CthA, or the Sports Massage Association.  Don’t be afraid to ask whether the therapist you are booking with is a member of such an association.

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If you have private health insurance you may be able to claim back some of the cost of your treatment. Check your policy.

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