Leeds Reflexology foot massage offered in a relaxing setting.

The Leeds Reflexology Massage Therapy is a form of pressure-point massage. The therapy accesses as well as heals through specific points or reflexes in the hands and feet that link to the body’s organ and muscular function.

Reflexology massage therapy is an effective health preventive massage as well as attributing to being beneficial for instantly relieving the client of certain health issues. We consider it a vital part of what we offer in our massage therapies. Our massage therapists team administer reflexology in Leeds use a combination of massage techniques, squeeze and release movements coupled with pressure-point pushing. These massage techniques pinpoint specific parts of the foot, hands as well as ears as part of the treatment.

How Reflexology Foot Massage Works

Foot reflexology therapy uses nerves or reflex points in the bottom of your feet that go to the top of your head. As the nerves travel throughout the body they connect all the major as well as vital organs on the way. The Leeds Reflexology Foot massage is effective and a non-evasive method of treating whole body ailments through massage of nerves in the feet. Long established, records of this ancient healing art dates back as far as ancient Egypt.

Reflexology uses the principle in Chinese medicine that we all have energy channels which run vertically through the body. The energy in these channels is a vital life force or Chi.

Reflexologists have mapped the structures as well as organs of the body to specific points on the feet, reaching the energy channels through the feet as they are near to the surface of the skin.

In reflexology, the therapist will apply pressure to specific points on your feet to stimulate the energy in certain areas of your body.  Stress, illness or physical trauma can negatively impact the flow of Chi and the aim of reflexology is to release stagnant energy and make the energy flow freely.

When you come along for your first session the therapist will ask you some questions about your health in addition to finding out what you need.  After this consultation, you will remove your shoes and lie down on a couch or sit if you prefer. It’s best to wear loose-fitting clothing for this treatment so that you are comfortable throughout.

Benefits of Our Leeds reflexology

  • Relieve pain and stiffness of muscles from exercise and running.
  • Promote a better quality of sleep.
  • Relieves or prevent headaches, pain, stress and migraine, constipation, digestion, insomnia etc. Reflexology can help with the management of chronic pain and since 2003 NICE has approved the use of reflexology as a pain-relieving treatment for people with MS.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Relieve from stress and stress-related conditions.
  • Rebalance body hormones and correct menstrual disorders.
  • Clients with conditions such as depression, anxiety, IBS and migraine amongst others have found reflexology to be beneficial.
  • Reflexology can have a general benefit of boosting well-being and restoring vigour. Clients often leave a treatment and say that they feel as though they are floating.

Phoneix Health and Wellbeing Leeds Reflexology Massage

We offer the best Leeds reflexology foot massage therapy in a professional atmosphere in Leeds City Centre. In addition, we offer Hot Stone MassageSwedish Massage Therapy, Indian Head Massage, and much more!

Leeds Reflexology Treatment Time and Cost

50 minutes
Cost:   £32

Opening times:

Monday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Tuesday from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm.
Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm.
Friday and Saturday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Sunday closed.

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Phoenix Health & Wellbeing is also Charity which means you not only feel relax and rejuvenated, but you can relax in the knowledge that you are helping others less fortunate than yourself. We use the proceeds of your Leeds reflexology treatment to subsidise those who would not otherwise be able to access our therapies. Roughly £3 to every £10 spent with us will go to help others.

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Treatment Information

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: £32

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