Stress is an unavoidable feature of our daily lives and now widely recognised to be potentially harmful to our health and wellbeing.

We have all heard of stress and will all undoubtedly have some experience of stress but do you actually know what stress is?

In our series of workshops we explain the physiological effects of stress: what is actually happening in your body when you are stressed.   Once you understand this it is far easier to find a means of managing the effects of stress on your nervous system and overall wellbeing.

Our workshops last just 40 minutes and can involve up to 14 members of staff per session.

The initial workshop explores the effects of stress on your body’s systems and processes. We will also look at techniques to determine whether you are experiencing negative stress and what the causes are. Then there will be a practical session where stress management techniques are demonstrated and trialled with the aim of giving each attendee a Stress Toolkit to help them manage their stress in the future.

Additional workshops cover issues associated with stress as follows:

Sleep and stress – why is it important to get an uninterrupted 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night? How does stress impact upon sleep and why does this cause health and wellbeing issues such as cancer and chronic health problems.

Diet and stress – can you really eat yourself well? How does diet effect your body’s ability to deal with stress and what are the best foods to eat or avoid when you are stressed.

All workshops last up to 40 minutes and can be delivered to small groups of employees in your workplace. We also run these workshops at team meetings and staff away days where they are very well received.