Monday Is My Favourite Day

Massage Therapist and Pokemon Addict – Ali Wilson

Ali Wilson is one of the Senior Massage therapists here at Phoenix Health and Wellbeing.  I interviewed her recently to find out what makes her tick and how she came to be here!

Ali Wilson

Ali Wilson – Dare Devil!

Q: How would you describe yourself?

“I’m a massage and Reiki practitioner.  I’m obsessed with crosswords and Pokémon. I am a massive softie and a warrior at the same time”

Q: Why massage?

“ A couple of things. My mum used to massage my legs when I was a little kid as they used to ache – it made me feel really good.  Then my friend Stuart massaged me when I was 15 and I thought it was the best thing ever. It made me feel relaxed. I was a very tense teenager.  I had chronic anxiety. It wasn’t diagnosed with it but it lead to me being bulimic and I actually tried to end my life. The massage from Stuart was a turning point for me.”

Q: So your own mental health was a trigger to massage – was there anything else?

“Yes! My Mum was in a car accident and she was badly injured, she nearly died.  I massaged her  during her recovery and it helped immensely. I wasn’t taught but did it intuitively.”

Q: So where and when did you study?

“In 2012 I did a massage course at Wakefield Skills Exchange.  I was working at Sainsbury’s at the time, doing nightshifts and restocking shelves. I knew I wanted to work as a massage therapist, I was drawn to helping other people. So I set up my spare room to practice massage from but work took all of my energy and I couldn’t focus on my massage business.

Q: It must be hard to work two jobs.  What did you do?

“I took the brave decision to ditch my job and I left Sainsbury’s.  I lived on savings for a while, ended up in a bit of a mess and lost my home. Then I went back to my Mum’s but I still felt determined to be a massage therapist.

Q: What next?

I regained confidence by going through a mentorship with the Chamber of Commerce.  A lady called Veronica Baldwin really helped me.  She was really inspiring.  She taught me how to speak positively about myself and how to create a peaceful space.

I set up my own massage practice, Clear Stream Massage and Holistic Therapies, and haven’t looked back since.

Q: So when did your association with Phoenix start?

I got involved with Phoenix in 2017.  I met another massage therapist at a vegan dinner party who told me that Phoenix were looking for massage therapists  who were qualified to Diploma level and fully insured. Here I am 19 months later and Phoenix is my main place of work.

Q: So what now?

I don’t really see my massage practice as work anymore because I love it.  I work with people who are referred to Phoenix by healthcare and medical professionals.  They have chronic health issues and it is a privilege to work with them to try to make them feel better.  The therapies that I give help to improve people’s quality or life and make them more comfortable.

I love working at Phoenix – the peer support is great. The Director is very inspiring.  But most if all I love the clients.  The look on their faces when they have relaxed is humbling. It is just such a privilege to enable a person’s relaxation.

I am passionate about what I am doing. I wake up and I want to come in to Phoenix.  Monday is my favourite day – how many people can say that?

Q: So what next?

I am looking forward to moving to new premises in September with Phoenix Health and Wellbeing. I have some ideas about expanding. I’d love to start a vegan catering business and a retreat!

Q: Somehow Ali Wilson I think you will!

Ali is currently fund raising for Phoenix.  She is doing a 50 mile bike ride at the end of September. Please sponsor her using this link SPONSOR ALI

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