Does Remote Counselling work?

Firstly, what is remote counselling?

Remote counselling is via a phone call or secure online video platform, such as Zoom. Our counsellors are trained in both so you can decide which suits you best.

How will the sessions run?

Your counsellor will call you at an agreed time using a withheld number or through Zoom. You’ll need to be in a private, quiet space where no-one can overhear or interrupt your session. We recommend having a table or hard surface to rest your device on if your doing online video.

Sometimes people meet their counsellor in person first for an assessment, but at the moment we can’t offer this. Your initial session will be over the phone or online and is a chance to get to know your counsellor, talk through how it will work and explore what you’re wanting from the sessions.

So, how can it help?

An important part of counselling is that you feel heard and understood. This is no different for face-to-face, online or telephone counselling. The sessions – however they are carried out – offer you a safe space to talk about your feelings without judgment.

Your therapist will support you to become aware of what you feel and why you feel this way, and help you to understand what you can do about it.

If you have a busy life and would normally find it hard to get to our premises, then remote counselling offers you support that you can easily access. It may be that you start sessions remotely, and once we are able to reopen our premises you transition into face-to-face counselling. Sometimes, if you are wanting to discuss traumatic experiences in your life, it can feel easier to talk about them remotely.

The relationship with your counsellor is really important. How is this maintained remotely?

This is a really important point. Having a therapeutic relationship with your counsellor enables the sessions to help you. Building trust and understanding your ways of working is vital.

Our counsellors are trained to adapt their approach so that this relationship can build and grow – even when you’re not in the same room, or you can’t see them. They will really listen to details: tone, volume, cadence. This helps them understand where you’re coming from. If you are using online video, expressions and eye-contact come into play.

If something isn’t working for you, it’s important that you let your counsellor know so they can change their approach to suit you.

What can it help with?

It can help with many of the same issues as face-to-face counselling, such as anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem and confidence issues, loss and family relationship problems.

This service is available for both existing and new clients.

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