Canal Adventures

The Great Canal Adventure

The Great Canal Adventure – Counting down to the start

If you want to take part in our Great Canal Adventure then all you need to do is email us at  We’ll send you a Joiners Pack to get you started.

Here are some more details about what the Adventure involves, what you can expect and why you might want to do it.

What is the Challenge?

You, or your team, need to run, walk, swim or cycle from Leeds to Liverpool via the canal between 22ndApril and 19thMay. VIRTUALLY!

“What?” I hear you cry! Don’t worry it’s a virtual trip along the Leeds to Liverpool canal so you can run, walk, cycle or swim anywhere and the miles that you cover will all total up to get you along the canal.

We’ll give you a target each week and you decide how you are going to cover the distance.  So for example, if you want to do this challenge on your own you would be covering the 127 miles of the canal over three weeks.  You would get a target of 42 and a half miles each week which is 6 miles a day (roughly 15,000 steps)

We’ll be with you all the way, letting you know about exciting events and the best local attractions as you travel. From the local pubs (including the real ales they’re serving) to the wildlife you can expect to see, and the fantastic visitor centres, such as Salts Mill and the World famous Wigan Pier.

To learn more about the challenge and to join in the fun, please email and we’ll send you an information pack.

You’ll be part of our community

We’re hoping to get a real community together to do this, sharing our experiences along the way and with plenty of friendly competition to keep each other motivated.

We’ll be sending out regular updates about progress and would love to hear your stories.

127 miles? In 3 weeks??

Well, it does sound like a lot… But we’ve crunched the numbers and it’s a really achievable challenge, but if you’re worried you might not be back in time for the homecoming party, you can always team up with friends or family.

Even if you fall behind, I’m sure there’ll be tips and hints on how to catch up from other folks.  You might even be able to slip in a cheeky canal boat ride for a bit of the trip!

Fund Raising

There’s a serious side to this adventure.  Phoenix Health and Wellbeing support people who have chronic mental and/or physical health issues.  We do this by offering them subsidised or free of charge counselling and complementary therapies. All of the people who receive this service are referred to us by medical or health care professionals.  We offer roughly 300 to 400 appointments each month to vulnerable adults who would not otherwise be a able to afford this support.

It costs roughly £10,000 per month to provide this support. Fund raising events like this Canal Adventure are essential to enabling us to continue to provide our service. Rest assured – all of the money raised will go towards supporting vulnerable adults in the West Yorkshire area.

Here are some examples of the people that we have helped and the work that we do:

Ear Acupuncture for men with prostate cancer

Team Phoenix

Team Phoenix

We run a weekly ear acupuncture and relaxation clinic for men with prostate cancer who are being treated with hormone therapy.  The hormone therapy used can have very debilitating side effects including menopausal symptoms, and depression.  Ear acupuncture has been clinically proven to help with the management of these side effects. Limited support is available on the NHS but for the majority of men the reality is that they would have to pay for this support.  If they can’t afford it they simply can not access the treatment.  Our weekly clinic makes this support accessible and it has proven to be invaluable for those who attend.

“I was really suffering with hot flushes – about 20 a day and then more at night. I was awake several times a night.  After the first session of acupuncture I didn’t have a single flush for 2 days. I like coming to Phoenix because there is a camaraderie. between all of the people who come. We all have this common bond that we all have prostate cancer.”  Chris – Ear Acupuncture client

Massage for Multiple Sclerosis

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 27, which means I get neuropathic pain, muscle pain, spasm, tingling, feet pain, memory loss and other issues.  This limits how far I can walk.  I also have Schurmanns Kyphosis which is where in my upper spine some of the disks are wedge shaped rather than rectangular, this causes neck problems, headaches and tiredness link to this.

Initially I came to Phoenix for reflexology and then for body massage and acupuncture. I have been coming for about 3 years or so.  Phoenix is such a bright friendly place, I can’t help feel better just for being there.  I always feel relaxed and welcomed when coming in.

Coming to Phoenix has changed the way I feel about my pain.  Viv has been outstanding with her massage, showing sensitivity, compassion and care.  It has helped me manage pain in a much more positive way.

If I hadn’t known about Phoenix, I wouldn’t be able to access a therapy that is one of the few things helping with ongoing spasticity and pain linked to the MS.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford massage if I was unable to access Phoenix.   I do feel very grateful for this service and hope I am able to continue massage therapy for as long as it is available.” Julie – Massage client

Acupuncture and chronic pain

Jody is aged 36 and is a single mother to her 9 year old daughter.  Jody had undiagnosed endometriosis for many years. She was in chronic pelvic pain but managed to build a career as an HR professional.  By the time her health issues were identified her endometriosis was severe and resulted in her having to have a hysterectomy.  The chronic pelvic pain continued and eventually it was discovered that she had a dislocated coccyx.

Jody can no longer work due to her condition. Her pain is so severe that she finds it difficult to think clearly and carry out everyday tasks. She is currently living on Job Seekers Allowance and using food banks to survive.

Jody first came to us for massage therapy but our therapist quickly realised that this was not the right intervention for Jody. We recommended acupuncture and Jody now attends our low cost clinic weekly. The acupuncturist uses a specialist technique known to provide relief for chronic pain.  While the treatment will not cure Jody’s condition it does give her roughly 48 hours of pain free time in which she can plan her week and provide care for her daughter. It also enables her to sleep, something she struggles to do due to her pain levels.


Please help us to support more people by taking part in our Great Canal Adventure

Email to take part


Phoenix Health & Wellbeing is a Charity.  We are also a social enterprise.  Anyone can come to us for counselling or complementary therapies.  If. you are not referred you will be asked to pay the market rate.  The proceeds of your treatment will then be directed to our charity ‘pot’.

Opening times:

Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 20:00

Friday and Saturday from 11:00 to 16:00

Sunday closed.

Book your massage via our website or call 0113 234 0818 to speak to one of the team