We’re moving!

After 5 years at Oxford Place, Phoenix Health and Wellbeing are moving!

We’re Moving!

We're moving

We’re moving

It’s been an amazing 5 years – in the last year alone we delivered a total of 1,871 bodywork treatments (such as massage or acupuncture) and 2,231 counselling appointments. That is a lot of people working with us to improve their wellbeing! This is all thanks to our founder, Gill, who in 2013 combined her experience of business and management with her skill and knowledge of manual therapies, with a view to support people who have chronic health issues and low incomes. Without our admin team, hardworking therapists, counsellors and volunteers, we wouldn’t have so many happy clients leaving the treatment rooms feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and supported. Take a look at what some of our clients have to say:


“I have been visiting my GP less. Feeling much more positive and happy, looking forward to the future. Extremely supportive and professional, excellent service, thank you so much, keep up the excellent work”Counselling client, female

Sports massage at Phoenix Health & Wellbeing has really helped my injuries. I have had a couple of sessions and while I wouldn’t describe them as enjoyable I can now move more freely and am in much less pain”Sports massage, male

“Great venue and charity. It is wonderful to relax knowing that my massage will not only benefit me but someone else too. I can’t wait to go back” – Aromatherapy – female

The acupuncture is really relaxing and helping me with my anxiety and other medical issues. It is helping me to do my day to day activities” – Acupuncture – male


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This is only a few quotes we’ve received but the statistics speak for themselves  – 33% visited their GPs less when they were receiving treatment from us, 84% say their health and wellbeing has improved as a result of coming, and 100% would recommend us to family and friends.  Amazing!

Obviously we want to keep these statistics up post-move, and that’s where you come in – we’ve currently got an empty building needing refurbishment before we can move in – we’ve already done a lot of fundraising, from skydiving to our annual charity ball to marathons, but we still need donations, so if you would like to donate any amount of money, head to our Facebook page here. While you’re at it, give us a like, maybe book an appointment!

Here’s to the next 5 years of Phoenix Health & Wellbeing!


Phoenix Health and Wellbeing is a registered charity (1154273) offering support to people with chronic health issues and low incomes.  We do not receive any funding from central or local government or the NHS but fund our work by social enterprise.  People come along and have massage treatments, we visit work places to massage employees and give talks about stress management among other things. Roughly £3 of every £10 spent with us goes towards our charity work.  If you could like to know more click this link