Margaret – Massage Client

Meet Margaret

Margaret is a full time carer. She comes to us when she can – she dedicates all her time to caring for others and this is her only ‘me time’. We always have a cuppa and catch up when she’s here, as long as she has the time.

How did you end up coming to Phoenix?

I knew Gill from our allotmenting escapades and she persuaded me to try a massage when you opened up in Oxford Chambers (going back a few years now!) in an attempt to relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders

Why do you like coming here?

The therapists and receptionists are really friendly and make you feel one of the family. The feeling of light, space and airiness helps to relax you and calm you down before you start a treatment. I also get a good walk coming across Leeds to Park Place which is invigorating to start with although I may be a bit out of breath…

What therapy do you come to Phoenix for? How has that therapy helped you?

I have relaxing massage, deep tissue massage , aromatherapy massage and hot stones – not all at once but depending on my timing and availability of therapist. Hot stones is a rare treat. The deep tissue really helps the muscle knots in my shoulders and back, did not know I had some of them. The relaxing and aromatherapy massage allow me to just “lie back” and let the troubles be soothed away and free the mind. So refreshing and I really do feel like a new person albeit for and hour or two until life kicks in again

Anything else you would like to share about your experience with us?

Really welcoming, soothing and refreshing experience both in treatments and the therapists and receptionists. I am always amazed that they remember who I am and what I had hoped to have been up to. A trip to Phoenix usually means I get my treat in the Tiled Cafe in the Art Gallery for lunch. It all adds up to appreciated “my time” ¬†of which there is not much.

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