Workplace Massage office massage in leeds

Workplace Office Massage

These days we are all aware of the negative effects of stress and many employers. Why not treat yourself and reduce stress in the workplace or treat your staff. Our Office massage or workplace massage is a great way to reduce muscle tension in the back, neck as well as shoulders. Not only that but also it will increase morale, reduce anxiety and depression.

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Office Massage and Workplace Massage

Many organisations have also found that offering employees regular chair workplace massages reduces sickness and absence.

Our chair workplace massage is only 20 minutes in length and aims to release stress from the muscles as well as joints. Our therapists come along with a specially-designed office massage chair coupled with all of the equipment that they require.

There are various payment and booking options for the massage. If you want more information or want to organise a trial session, just call us on 0113 234 0818.