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Why we’re different

How We’re Different

Phoenix Health and Wellbeing is a place that is different. We pride ourselves on providing high quality relaxing or remedial complementary therapies. So whether you need a sports massage or simply want to relax we will have a therapy to suit your needs.

And what’s more we are a charity supporting people with mental or physical health issues. The proceeds of your treatment will go towards supporting this charitable work. #DoGoodFeelGood

As a charity we offer counselling and body work therapies to a range of people who are referred to us by medical professionals, mental health support workers or associated charities.  These referred clients can have a range of complex needs but many experience low self-esteem, anxiety and social isolation.

This can be reflected in their perceptions of themselves, their sense of isolation and level of self-care.  The use of counselling and physical treatments provide  real contact with another person in a safe environment enabling the client to experience care and to feel genuinely valued as an individual.

By coming along for one of our therapy sessions you are supporting our charitable work. Thank you.